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For God and Country, we associate ourselves together for the following purposes

• To uphold and defend the Constitution and all the laws and institutions of the United States of America

• To encourage obedience to law and order

• To foster a full appreciation of the privileges of American citizenship and the high ideals of American democracy

• To create, subsidize and maintain funds for Armenian educational, cultural and philanthropic purposes

• To promote and cultivate among our members and in the community as a whole, civic consciousness, better understanding, and the knowledge essential to right living and good citizenship

• To consecrate and sanctify our League by our devotion to the spirit of cooperation and mutual helpfulness


A. “Ted” Ashjian is credited as starting AACL in Fresno on December 31, 1931. Its mission was to help Armenians adjust and adapt to the American life. Founding fathers also included Mesrob Mirigian and Warren Chiljian among others.

On October 28, 1945, a new constitution and by-laws were adopted by AACL. The League became an educational and philanthropic organization, in addition to its function as a social and fraternal entity.

In 1948 AACL laid the foundation to establish the present California Armenian Home in Fresno. In 1952, AACL made the Home a reality.

In 1968 AACL started a scholarship fund with Harry Kazarian as its first chairman.

On March 17, 1973, AACL – Educational and Scholarship Fund became a corporation under the General Non-Profit Corporation Law of the State of California

Compiled by:

Penny Mirigian-Emerzian