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In the center background is a mountain depicting Mount Ararat on which we are told Noah landed the Ark and, from there, the world started anew.

The rising sun just behind this mountain illustrates the spread of light on a new and better world.

The emblem is surrounded with golden rays, which designate the rays of hope for happiness and freedom.

The outer circle represents peace and content – the desire of all people.

Then prominently in the foreground of the emblem is the great American eagle resting on the banner of the United States.

In its right claw is the olive branch indicating that at all times she is most willing to be peaceable.

In its left claw are the arrows of war, which tell us that if peaceful means fail, she will willingly fight to defend the banner of this great nation.

The inner circle is there to show us that our forefathers in Armenia suffered untold tortures and even death trying to gain freedom, and that the Armenians of this great land of ours have been and are ever ready to bare their chests in the furnace of war and spill their blood on its battlefield so that the glorious freedom of this nation shall ever endure.

And thus, we are reminded that our first obligation is to God and Country. And that this great heritage is one we must always protect.

Emblem designed by Aram (Mooshovian) Zipper